Wednesday, March 16, 2016

BasicQ Inc. -- Select Wood Curtain Rods

Select Wooden Curtain Rods

2 1/4" Diameter Rods
Select Wood Premium
1 3/8" Diameter Rods
Select Wood Rings
3" Diameter Rods

Select is available in three diameters, 1 3/8, 2 1/4 and 3 inch. Lengths for these quality wood curtain rods vary from four feet to sixteen feet. Longer applications are available by using a connector screw and a center bracket support. This can also be use to join two smaller curtain poles in order to save on truck shipping. Any rods over 104" will have to be shipped by truck instead of FedEx and is more expensive. The Select Collection is available in eleven stunning finishes and the Select Limited is available in five designer finishes. Decorative wooden traverse rods are available using the Select wood attached to a heavy duty aluminum track system. Custom Expressions is another wood curtain rod system that can be finished with major paint companies color selectors.
BasicQ Inc. -- Select Wood Curtain Rods:

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