Wednesday, March 16, 2016

BasicQ Inc. -- Kirsch Drapery Hardware

BasicQ Inc. -- Kirsch Drapery Hardware: "Kirsch Drapery and Curtain Rod Hardware

Wood Trends Curtain Poles
Buckingham Wooden Rods
Estate 2" Traverse Rods

Basic Curtain Rod Sets
Adjustable Traverse Rod Sets
Sash & Tension Rod Sets

Special Purpose Curtain Rods
Continental 2 1/2" & 4" Curtain Rods
Cafe Rods and Shower Rods

CTM and Accessories
Designer Metal Curtain and Traverse Rods
Architrac Curtain Rod Systems

Wrought Iron Collection


drapery hardware includes everything from basic curtain rod sets to custom assembled traverse rods to fit your exact size. All products are supported with replacement parts available in small and large quantities. Quantity price breaks by Kirsch are passed on to you, the consumer. Support data is available in abundance from support section and from the Kirsch web site,


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