Tuesday, April 19, 2016

BasicQ Inc. -- Kirsch Designer Metal Curtain Rod Collection

Kirsch Designer Metal Curtain Rod CollectionFluted Traverse Rod
1 3/8" Fluted Traverse RodSmooth Traverse Rod
1 3/8" Smooth Traverse RodRipplefold Traverse Rods
2" Ripplefold Traverse RodAccent Finial for 1 3/8
Black Bronze Accent/
Antique SilverEsprit Finial for 1 3/8
Dark Oiled Bronze Accent/
Black BronzeLegion Finial
Oil-Rubbed BronzeEuropa Finial for 1 3/8
Acrylic Accent/
Dark Oiled bronzeSterling Finial for 1 3/8
Walnut Wood Accent/
Dark Oiled BronzePandora Finial
Satin NickelModerna Finial
Walnut Wood Accent/
Antique SilverAnubis Finial
Oil Rubbed BronzeRao Finial End Cap
Oil Rubbed BronzeArtemis Finial
Carmel BronzeAspen Finial
Gilded BronzeShibuya Finial
Antique SilverCalla Finial
Oil Rubbed BronzeCheyenne Finial
Gilded BronzeStratta Finial
Carmel BronzeCorsa Finial
Black BronzeCypress Finial
Gilded BronzeVantage Finial
Antique SilverFleur Delis Finial
Venetian BronzeKirsch Designer MetalGrotto Finial
Gilded BronzeBasicQ Inc. -- Kirsch Designer Metal Curtain Rod Collection:

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